About: Angelica is the sixteen year old daughter of the devil. She is the antichrist and was raised by an angel and a witch. She has telepathic and telekinetic abilities. 


Love Life: She is in love with her guardian angel, Michael.


Quote: "What I can tell you is I'm sure my father has a special place reserved for people like you in hell."  



About: Robinette is the mother of Angelica. Lucifer tricked her into giving him her soul. She has no memory of Angelica and vice versa due to a spell that Connie put on both of them.


Love Life: She has sworn off love since her first and only love, Lucifer.


Quote: "Don't let fear deter you from being who you want to be."


About: Constantiam Candor is a witch that hails from the Corporis realm. Her nickname is Connie. She gets her powers from the elements whereas Lucifer's witches powers come from him. She has helped raised Angelica.


Love Life: She is currently in love with no one, but there could be someone in her near future.


Quote:"Just because you are supposed to be good and perfect, doesn't mean I am. I'm a witch remember?"


About: Nala is Angelica's best friend. She is a genius and is the only person out of Angelica's inner circle that is a true innocent. 


Love Life: Nonexistent right now even though she imagines herself with Ian Sommerhalder from time to time.


Quote: "Okay we can't save her, she is obviously nuts."


About: Adaira is a shape-shifting fairy called a Nympharum. She is also Connie's familiar and usually takes the form of a white Persian cat.


Love Life: Adaira keeps her life very private but she has been rumored to be connected to a werewolf.


Quote: "Here's some advice. Stop being an idiot and come to terms with who you are."


About: Michael is an archangel and captain of the warring angels in Caelus. He is the designated guardian angel to Angelica. Her father Lucifer and him are mortal enemies.


Love Life: He is currently in love with Angelica.


Quote: "You know I'm not very good at communicating with creatures from the Abyssal realm. My sword usually does that for me."


About: Gabriel is an archangel that is the messenger angel for the Creator. She is the oldest angel and one of the strongest. She is the designated guardian of Angelica and Angelica has known her since birth.


Love Life: Nonexistent so far.


Quote: "I'm an angel, not one of those horrid witches you grew up with."


About: Roman is the school's bad boy. Angelica and Nala are his only friends. He is a fencing champion and hails from a long line of bounty hunters.

Love Life: He is currently interested in Angelica.


Quote: "I have this wall built up that I have had since the accident and you just kinda came out of nowhere and jumped over it."




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