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Angelica Cunningham

Angelica Cunningham is T. Hayden's pen name for her extremely, spicy romance books. In her books you will find romance so hot you will need a stiff drink while reading and a shower afterwards. 

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Mercedes is in her senior year of college and is barely making ends meet. When a solution to her financial troubles presents itself in the form of she and her friends stripping for a party of wealthy patrons she can’t resist the easy money. But the party is a setup and before Mercedes knows it, she is sold to the highest bidder in a sex trafficking operation. 


Casimir Eminescu is the head of an organized crime enterprise and the alpha werewolf of his pack.  When he finds out there is a traitor within his organization, he wastes no time confronting him, but to his surprise, he not only finds the traitor, but also Mercedes.


His first thought is to set her free, but to his dismay he quickly finds out if he does that, there could be dire consequences for both of them. They each are hiding secrets that can impact the trajectory of their lives. Casimir doesn’t know if he can let her go or worse stop himself from falling for her, while Mercedes doesn’t know if she is being held hostage or being rescued by the mysterious, handsome alpha.

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Carrie’s marriage is anything but perfect. Day in and day out all she does is cooks and cleans and waits on her husband on hand and foot while he cheats and belittles her.

So when she encounters a sexy, hunk of a ghost named David in their new home, who wants nothing more than to spoil her and treat her like a queen, it doesn’t take long before she is entangled in a steamy affair with him.

She can’t see her lover, but she sure as hell can feel every inch of him…

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