Fighting the Beast (2021): Angelica's journey continues.

A Ghostly Affair (TBA): A woman in an unhappy, loveless marriage has a steamy affair with a ghost that haunts her new home. (A steamy adult read)



The Candor Witches (TBA) : Before Connie there was her mother and aunts. Follow the Candor witches, Camilla, Carlotta and Carissa on their journey from innocents to powerful witches.


Supernatural Therapist (TBA): Veronica Carter has been able to see supernatural creatures since she was a child. She has made a career out of it as a therapist to these creatures of the night. Veronica has made a vow not to get involved with any of her clients, but what happens when a handsome, dangerous, sexy vampire has a seat on her couch? (a steamy adult read)


Three Gods & One Girl (TBA): No one believes in the Greek God’s anymore. They are starting to fade along with their many stories. The God's have to do something to renew the human’s belief in them or they will fade into oblivion. After much debate, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon travel to earth. They choose the most unlikely place to complete their task, high school. The Big Three end up getting more than they bargain for when they all fall for the same girl. Will they stick to the task at hand and save Olympus or will they let love and high school consume them?