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Anyone Can Become An Author

Whenever someone asks me the question "How did I become a writer" or "how long have you been writing?" I picture myself saying I have been writing as long as I could walk and I have countless unfinished books stashed away in the back of my childhood closet.

Unfortunately,that is not the case. My first attempt at writing occurred when I was 12 years old. I had saw a contest for young writers in the newspaper. I immediately had the bright idea that I could write a story and win the prize.

Shortly afterwards, I started writing a story called "The Incredible Three." The story was about a set of girl triplets that had powers and were supposed to stop a set of boy triplets from destroying the world. I guess even back then I had a thing for apolocalypse's.

After writing several chapters of that story I gave up. I felt like it had become too much of a chore and a lot harder than I thought it would be, so I threw away that story along with my dream of winning the contest.

Later on I found myself in high school and in love for the first time. I was inspired to keep a diary and write poetry.I wrote a lot during this period. Whether it was about my day,one of our many breakups,high school issues or arguing with my parental units, I had a lot to write.

Eventually,I grew out of this phase once I entered college and had plenty of other things to write; such as Psychology reports, English Literature papers, and Biology test questions.I excelled in these classes, especially my English classes since I loved to read. Believe it or not reading goes hand in hand with writing. Back then I had no idea that was the case.

After a while I noticed that the subjects or topics that interested me I could write easily about these with no problem. Of course I still didn't think anything of it, even after my teachers complimented me on how I was such a good writer.

It wasn't until after I had graduated and ten years later was sitting in a training class for my current job that it hit me that I could actually write. Even after that realization I still didn't attempt the unthinkable.

Only after I watched the insanely scary movie, The Conjuring and dreamed about me and the devil having a complicated relationship did I decide to pick up the pen and actually put it to paper.Once I had the idea and the motivation there was no stopping me.

I went from 1 page to 10,000 words to a mind blowing 100,000 words in the next year and a half. It took me a long time but I did it and so can you.

All it takes is that one idea or story that you are passionate about. Don't think about the grammar or logistics of how you should be writing, just write, and before you know it you will be an author too.

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