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One Dark Throne Review

I'm getting better and better at this Bookstagram stuff! By the way I love these heels. See a picture below where I wore the hell out of them! This picture was fun to put together. I wanted to make a royal/worship theme. I was trying to create a sort of altar. What do you think? Did I hit it or miss it?

The battle for the crown has begun, but which of the three sisters will prevail?

With the unforgettable events of the Quickening behind them and the Ascension Year underway, all bets are off.

Katharine, once the weak and feeble sister, is stronger than ever before. Arsinoe, after discovering the truth about her powers, must figure out how to make her secret talent work in her favor without anyone finding out. And Mirabella, once thought to be the strongest sister of all and the certain Queen Crowned, faces attacks like never before—ones that put those around her in danger she can’t seem to prevent.

In this enthralling sequel to Kendare Blake’s New York Times bestselling Three Dark Crowns, Fennbirn’s deadliest queens must face the one thing standing in their way of the crown: each other.

I actually thought this book was better than the first book which is rare! I thought the first dragged in some spots whereas there was always something surprising and keeping you on the edge of your seat in this book. I can't decide who is my favorite queen between Arsinoe and Mirabella. They both are badasses in their own way.

Also I love that Jude has her own thing going on too. I think that there will be a plot twist in the next book about her. Just my speculation! Katharine is the villain I suspected she would be and I hope she dies soon lol.

I am excited about the next book which I have already bought. If you haven't started this series you need to start asap!

I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

***The pic I promised***

This was 4 years ago and I thought I was fat! Insert crying emoji!

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