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An interview with the Characters of A Ghostly Affair Part I

*Trigger Warning: Suicide is discussed.

AC: I want to thank all of you for joining me for this intimate interview that will be giving my readers a more in depth look into A Ghostly Affair. I know some of you traveled far, like from the spiritual realm, so I really appreciate it. I will start with our main character Carrie. First off congratulations on finding your true love. You certainly deserved it after everything you have been through.

Carrie: Thank you!

AC: Speaking of your true love, what made you fall in love with David? I mean he is an awesome guy so I can kind of see why.

Carrie: Yes, he is amazing. I never thought in a million years I would have this kind of love. When I first met him of course I was scared shitless, but as time went on and I saw how attentive he was to me and how he actually cared about my feelings and what made me happy, I couldn’t help falling head over heels in love with him.

AC: At what moment did you know you loved him?

Carrie: I think the moment I knew I loved him was when we were in the movie theater watching the movie the notebook and he told me he wanted that kind of love. I was already teetering on the edge of falling in love with him and when he said that, and we stared into each other’s souls that sent me over the edge.

AC: Aww that’s so sweet! Were there times that you felt guilty for cheating on Ryan even though you had your own suspicions about him cheating?

Carrie: Of course. I have always been a very loyal person so it would get to me at times, but the more time I spent with David and saw how he treated me so opposite of how my husband treated me, I realized I was loyal to someone that wasn’t loyal to me. So, I decided to be loyal to someone I hadn’t been loyal to before and that was myself.

AC: Good for you. How did you feel when you found out the truth about what Ryan had done with YOUR money?

Carrie: At first, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe he could do something so horrible after I had been the perfect wife. It was almost comical to me. He had made me feel like I was the dependent one in our marriage when it was the other way around. He needed me not vice versa.

AC: How did it feel to finally stand up to him and take back control of your life?

Carrie: Once I came to the realization that I wasn't the problem and that Ryan was, I had no problem standing up for myself and telling him to get the fuck out of my life and it felt damn good. I felt like I had been suffocating and had finally taken my first breath of air.

AC: One more question. Was the pills the only option for you to be with David? Could you have not waited for natural causes or fate?

Carrie: I felt like they were because I wanted to be fully apart of his world. He couldn’t come to mine fully, so the only option was for me to go to his. I didn’t want to wait until I was old and decrepit. I wanted it then and on my terms.

AC: Well again congratulations on your happily ever after and I’m sure you have inspired unhappily married women all over the world to search the corners of their home for their next true love.

Carrie: Thank you so much!

AC: Next up we have Ryan. Thank you for coming to the interview. I know it wasn’t easy getting out of hell, but I hear you have a special place in Lucifer’s heart, so he granted our request.

Ryan: I would do anything to get out of that place! I would give an interview everyday if you want me to! I will do anything you want! Just don’t send me back there please!

AC: Unfortunately, I have no control over that, but let’s talk about the events that led up to you going to hell. You clearly didn’t like Carrie, let alone love her so why were you with her? Why didn’t you leave sooner?

Ryan: I did like her in the beginning of our relationship, she was attentive and always was so eager to please me. You see I was used to girls that told me how they wanted it, where they wanted and when they wanted. I wasn’t used to no sweet, timid mousey type of broad. Anyway, as time when on I saw she had everything in life, and I envied it. She had loving, supportive parents; she was naturally talented, and she was a beauty that every guy wanted but she didn’t know it. She couldn't see the gem she was, so I decided then that she would always be mine and I was never letting her go. I wouldn’t luck up on nothing like this again. Then when I found out her parents were loaded, I knew I wasn’t going to leave her no matter what.

AC: Is that why you took your time leaving Carrie for Sharon and attempted to take her inheritance with you?

Ryan: Well yeah. I needed that money if I was going to provide Sharon with the lavish lifestyle she was accustomed to. Sharon could have any man she wanted but her young, hot ass wanted me. I was this close to killing Carrie and having that money for me and Sharon, but she and that ghost fucked it up!

AC: You were planning on killing your wife to take her money and live happily ever with your mistress and you are begging to get out of hell? Don’t answer that. Last question, do you have any regrets?

Ryan: Hell yes! I regret moving to that stupid house that was haunted by a fucking ghost! If I had stayed in the city and had Carrie murdered there like I had planned, then I wouldn’t be in this mess.

AC: Alrighty then. Thanks for coming Ryan. You can return to hell.


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