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Introducing Angelica Cunningham

When I was around 14 years old my best friends mother introduced me to an author named Sandra Brown. It was my first time reading a book that was in the romance genre. I was accustomed to reading fantasy books, but when she gave it to me I was looking for something new to delve into. I was unsure of the book since it was obviously an adult book, but I gave it a chance and ended up loving it. The best part about the book that I loved was the steamy scenes.

Of course I had no idea what was going on in the book but I loved it all the same. And I was hooked. I would take my hard earned money at the bakery I worked at part time after school and sneak and buy these addictive romance books I saw at the grocery store.

I didn't dare chance checking them out at the library because I was on a first name basis with the library staff and I would have been mortified if they saw me reading literature that was not intended for my age group.

By the time I was in my twenties I was a full fledge steamy, romance addict. I had bookshelves full of Harlequin and Avon books. Till this day I still have some of my favorites. See the picture below and yes some of those are from the infamous Bridgerton series that is on Netflix!

Please forgive the disrespectful writing on the books. Unfortunately one of my friends gained a love for reading them and she would steal them from me, so I had to label them, which I know was done in the most horrible way possible.

Anyway I said all that to say I have always had a love for erotic and very steamy sex scenes in my books. So who knew that I would end up writing young adult books lol. Obviously I love young adult books just as much as I love my spicy romance. But as I continued on my writing journey I yearned for more spice in my stories.

I decided to try my hand writing one so I started writing a story on Wattpad called Supernatural Therapist. I didn't think people would take to it because for one it was a steamy romance and most of my readers were under the age of eighteen. Much to my surprise I was wrong. The book quickly became a hit and a favorite among readers. And even though this was the case I stopped writing the story and focused my efforts on my young adult series.

Three years later after I had released several copies of my young adult series I started writing another spicy romance story. This one I didn't put on Wattpad, but I decided I would publish it. It took me another three years to gather the courage to release it to the public. I knew I couldn't release it under my usual pen name since I was associated with young adult books, so I picked a pen name Angelica Cunningham (that is pretty funny actually. If you know you know :)) and I am releasing it this February.

Moral of the story is do what your heart desires and don't let anything deter you from chasing your dreams. If you want to be a veterinarian that fences or a librarian that wrestles, do it! Don't let society's strings dictate your life.

Angelica's extremely spicy story is available everywhere. Check it out if you dare!


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